About Chocolate

Chocolate not only cheers up our day and night with its taste, but also is the biggest protector and supporter of our health. Hundreds of researchs have proven  the positive effects of chocolate on human health. It would be good to recall a few. Only the smell of chocolate is enough to trigger the release of happiness hormone, endorphin. Chocolate contains twice as much antioxidant as red wine, three times as much as green tea.

Antioxidants called flavonoid contained by chocolate help increase the body’s immune system. These antioxidants are the enzymes that decrease harmful effects of free radicals that destroy cells. As a rich source of calcium, chocolate also helps strengthen bones. Research conducted in Harvard University showed that cocoa also decreased blood pressure.

Rich fluoride in the chocolate is the number one source of strong teeth. Chocolate also helps 21st century people working in a busy schedule in their struggle with stress because it contains a high level of potassium.

Chocolate also contains a substantial amount of zinc. Zinc helps the absorption of iron in the body. So, it supports the skin, veins and tissues.

California University researchers argue that consuming a small amount of chocolate every day prevents coagulopathy, which in turn averts sudden heart attacks.

Chocolate includes a substantial amount of iron and zinc, which are good for our immune system and reproductive system.

We know that caffeine provides energy. But it is healthier to eat chocolate instead of drinking coffee since it contains less caffeine.

Chocolate is less harmful than other sweet products for dental health. On the contrary, protein, calcium and phosphate in milk chocolate help protect tooth enamel.