From Cocoa Bean To Chocolate

Cocoa is the product of the fruit of the cocoa tree (lat. Theobroma cacao), which requires a hot, wet climate, a mean shade temperature of 27°C, and well-distributed rainfall. This is why it can only be grown in regions within 20º latitude of the Equator.Although the cocoa tree is indigenous to Latin America, Africa today accounts for 70% of the world’s cocoa bean production. Cocoa farming is mostly manual, requiring significant expertise and most cocoa in Africa is grown on small family farms of 2-5 hectares. Next to the Ivory Coast and Ghana, other major cocoa producing countries are Nigeria, Cameroon, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia.


History Of Chocolate

Ever since the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés introduced the drink “chocoatl” from Mexico to Europe in 1519, Europeans have been the main consumers, producers, developers and proponents of all things chocolate. Since then, chocolate has become one of the most active ingredients to shape European palates and cuisine. Even 500 years later, Europe and North America account for nearly three quarters of total World consumption, with Europe alone consuming nearly 50% of all chocolate production. Through much of its history, chocolate has been a “foreign” and largely unattainable luxury item in much of the remaining world. But this trend has finally changed course.





  • SIAL PARIS 2018 (OCTOBER 21-25)

    Detay will participate Sial Paris 2018, between October 21-25, 2018. Meet us at our stand 5A-H177 and be our guest.


    Detay will participate Yummex Middle East 2018, which is held in Dubai, between November 30 – December 01, 2018.

  • ANUGA GERMANY (10-14 OCTOBER 2015)

    The first participation is going to be realized at the Anuga 2015 Food Exhibition. Anuga is the largest food exhibition in the world over 6500 exhibitors and around 150.00 trade visitors. Future marketing activities and product developments will be shared all around the world. It is biennially organized in Cologne, Germany on 10-14 October, 2015.

  • PLMA AMSTERDAM (19-20 MAY 2015)

    The third attendance has been realized at the PLMA 2015 Food Exhibition. PLMA is the largest Private Label exhibition in the world over 3000 exhibitors and around 100.000 trade visitors. Future marketing activities and product developments will be shared with the existing and potential customers from all around the world. It is annually organized in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 19-20 May, 2015.

  • SIAL CHINA (06-08 MAY 2015)

    The first attendance has been realized to the Sial China Food Exhibition,one of the largest exhibition of the far East, that is organized in Shanghai,China on 06-08 May 2105.