About Us

At Detay, we don’t make promises unless we can keep them. We like being open, fair and straightforward. We take pride in our achievements and enjoy watching our customers succeed. But most important of all, we love what we do. Being around chocolate all day may have something to do with it, as well as the fact that we are a family business where all family members are involved in the active, hands-on running of the business and where the entire team in turn has become part of the corporate family.

Everyone at Detay has an entrepreneurial mind-set that is geared towards taking personal responsibility in problem-solving to ensure each and every client’s satisfaction, each and every time.

We actively collaborate with all our industrial clients to develop our chocolate products in line with their specific needs and applications, to solve technical issues and improve manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency and best results. Our R&D team continuously works to develop new products and product improvements while collaborating closely with clients to achieve the best possible taste, colour and texture results for their proprietary recipes.

Whether small artisan producer or large international manufacturer, we provide the full range of high quality chocolate products for our clients’ needs, from ingredients and semi-finished products right up to ready-to-use convenience products and finished products.